Answering a letter…

Somebody wrote me a letter!  Hot Dog… someone wrote me a letter AND I think they want my advice.

Hi, I found your blog and think you are funny.  I bet you smell nice and look nice.  Smart funny hot girls are awesome.

I’d like to thank you, reader!  And you bet I smell and look nice!  Want to know my beauty secrets?  I’ll share them with you!  My philosophy is: when it comes to taking care of yourself, it’s the small things that make the big difference.

For starters, I find a lotion that I like, and apply it… twice a day and all over my body.  I prefer scented to moisturize and fragrance all at once.  I stock up when Bath & Body Works has their annual sales after Christmas.  For around $30 you’re set for the entire year!  I like to change things up for the seasons:

Cool seasons: Sweet Pea, Fig and Brown Sugar, and Cherry Blossom
Warm seasons: Coconut Lime Verbena, and White Tea and Ginger

I also like the Sephora Beauty Insider Club.  Not only do I get a free treat for my birthday, I also get some awesome goodies every time I accumulate $100.  I do this once a year with my Bare Essentials purchases (powder foundations and brushes), and the one time a year indulgence of my most favorite scent: Fresh: Lemon Sugar.

For skin care, I use ProActiv. I used to think it was expensive (at $20 a month), but realized that I was spending way more than that trying to find something that did the job as well as ProActiv.  For extra moisture during the winter months, I use Aveeno Moisturizing Face Lotion ($14.99), which lasts me an entire year.

I have a very strict routine for showering as well.  Twice a week I exfoliate with Lush’s “Buffy” bar ($21.35), and again, prefer scented shower gels for cleaning.  I include this haul in my Bath & Body Works stock up.  Scents tend to vary year by year.  Right now I’m enjoying the White Tea and Ginger shower gel (free with purchase of lotions above.  Normal price is $9).

I take very good care of my hair.  I do not wash it every day because I don’t want to dry it out.  Twice a week I soak it in Head and Shoulders ($3 at CVS) shampoo, which smells amazing and leaves my hair super smooth and shiny, followed by Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Conditioner ($25).  It leaves my hair moisturized when styling.  And once a week I do a deep condition with Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle ($3 at CVS) to keep it healthy.

Dental hygiene is also very important.  I brush with a Sonic Care toothbrush (I recently saw them for as low as $30 at Walmart).  I prefer toothpaste with a teeth whitener in it, like Aquafresh Extreme Clean ($3.50).  And of course, I floss.  Any brand will do.

By incorporating all of these things into a very simple and daily routine, I am able to not only maintain my appearance, but more importantly, my confidence!  I do hope to hear from you again soon, reader.  You really know how to make a girl feel special, a*#hole.

(End sarcasm)


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