In The Music Queue | May, 2010

Coconut Records | Nighttiming

Jason Schwartzman is one of my most favorite peoples, ever. He’s a drummer. Then, he’s an actor. Then he hangs out with my favorite person to stalk: Wes Anderson. Then he starts his own record label. Then he makes this album called Nighttiming with his new band Coconut Records, and I love it. And if you love Weezer, you’ll love this too. It’s fun, and it reminds me of all the good things about California, instead of bankruptcy, bad reality shows, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Megan Fox.

Grizzly Bear | Veckatimest

I saw Feist 3 years ago. It was a great show – except for the horrid opening act. They were a bunch of weirdos on stage banging hippy-like looking instruments, and humming into these large microphones that looked like my over-sized showerhead. It was just noise, and I didn’t like it.

It was Grizzly Bear. After the show, I went up to one of the guys and asked him where they got inspiration for their music. He said “life.” I walked away thinking: if his life is that chaotic and confusing, he’ll be dead in a year.

I was wrong. He’s still alive, Grizzly Bear is growing (not only musically), and I am totally digging them. And now I’m like: Grizzly Bear, quit blowing my mind. And Grizzly Bear is like: No way, dude. That’s what we do. We blow minds. And I’m like: Ok.

I still won’t recommend seeing them live though.

The Black Kids | Partie Traumatic

God bless Diablo Cody for making the crappy (but good) movie “Jennifer’s Body.” Otherwise, I’m not sure I would have discovered this album. It’s over 2 years old! Of course, it was a hit in the UK before even surfacing in the U.S.

I’m so unimpressed with the U.S. Billboards these days. If you’re not John Mayer, or some other racist self-righteous bastard, you don’t stand a chance.

Off of that soapbox, and back to The Black Kids – this album is full of “I hate you, why did you break my heart” songs, carried via power pop. What better way to deliver?

Don’t say acoustic guitar. Terrible. Unless you’re Jose Gonzalez (whom I have also just recently discovered).

Monsters of Folk | Monsters of Folk

You just shut your mouth if you plan on giving me lip about this one – they’re an effing supergroup for mini-hipsters such as myself. Jim James, Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis and M.Ward team up, and I get it.

Getting these four together to sing about God and love, neighbors and friends, is the only way I’m going to listen. There are very distinct sounds on this album (you do the math from the lineup above), and my favorite songs are “Dear God”, and “Say Please.”

And if you read a bad review about this album, it’s because reviewers hate Conor Oberst. Women love him though. I do. I’m comfortable with that.

Join me at: to check them out.


One thought on “In The Music Queue | May, 2010

  1. Speaking as a woman who dislikes Conor Oberst with the fiery power of 10,000 suns…

    How do you feel about Neutral Milk Hotel? If indie rock was a movie, Jeff Mangum would be Margo Channing and Oberst would be Eve Harrington.

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