He’s Just Not That Into You (Or Is He?)

Us girls, we have very active imaginations, and we know how to conjure up some amazing expectations for first dates. Flowers, dinner, flowing conversation, the works.

Then follows courting. Courting to relationship, and so on. All because of one amazing first date.

Reality check girls – first dates are rough. Most of the time we won’t even get a 2nd date, or even a follow up phone call. So you just keep going out on first dates. How exhausting! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell if the date is going well, during the date? Seems that the wait time is 4-5 days afterwards before finding out.

If there are pregnancy tests that tell you if you’re pregnant, while you’re getting pregnant – there can surely be indicators of relationship potential mid-date.

Well there are plenty of ways, and here are a few of the more obvious ones.

He calls you awkward pet names
If he’s already calling you cool or cute on the 1st date and more times than he calls you by name: He’s not that into you. If you are cool it means he’s already pegged you as being understanding and accepting of all the devious or otherwise not forth coming things he’s about to do on an ongoing basis. If you’re cute well…you’ll just always play 2nd to the one he’s calling hot and if you’re hot …yep, you guessed it.

And don’t you dare!

He checks his cell phone during your date
Did he just do that? Do NOT tolerate this. Does he really find you that boring that he has to resort to alternative means of stimulation during your date? If this happens (and surely at some point it will), my advice is to politely excuse yourself from the date at that very moment.  No need to waste any more of your time, or his.

Patience is a virtue: and also a term of endearment
If he attempts anything, and I do mean ANYTHING (even simple things) other than a kiss on your 1st date: I promise, he really is not that into you. If he saw the potential of anything meaningful coming out of the relationship, he wouldn’t even try on the 1st date, if he does he’s already viewed this one with one single agenda in mind.

Me, Me, Me: He doesn’t let you talk
If he’s interrupting you often, or changing the topic completely to something more self satisfying, or if he in no way reacts to the story you are telling: He’s not listening because he is thinking of something else completely. Move on girl.

Wandering eyes?
Where is he looking? Is he looking at you? If he’s not, this date is not going well.  If he’s constantly looking up or to the left, he’s lying to you. If he’s looking down or to the right, he really doesn’t care that he’s even with you. It’s very disrespectful and jarring to sit through more than 15 minutes of that. Feeling adventurous? Try it.

My advice? Pay attention. Respect yourself. Know who you are before you begin dating (and don’t change yourself for anyone), and stand your ground.

All of the above will get the right guys attention – that is a promise.


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