Ladies, He Will Call You – If You Do This One Thing…

I realize that Hell hath no fury like a woman‘s scorn for not getting a phone call the day after ‘ahem’… or now-adays, even an email. But when are we, as a female species, going to learn that it is our own actions that are feeding this type of male behavior? What did you expect after sleeping with a man just two dates into a potential relationship?

Girls, this problem is an easy one to solve – don’t give men what they want. Be that girl, the one who actually says NO.  Men don’t forget that kind of rejection, nor do they want it. You immediately advance to the top of their priority list.

And to boot – saying no you will save you on having to survive yet another moment meaningless sex.

But how do you know when to say no? Easy:

Ex: Dick and Jane
Dick: Hey, you’re cool. Wanna have sex?
Jane: No, but thanks for the invite.
Dick: Really?
Jane: Really.
Dick: But, I can have any girl in this bar – I choose you.
Jane: Thanks again, and good for you (put some sarcastic inflection in it, will ya?).
Dick: You don’t want to have sex with me?
Jane: No.. no, I don’t. But really, thanks again for the offer.
*Get up and walk away, Jane.
Dick: Well, can I call you?
Jane: I’m sure our paths will cross again sometime, Dick.
Dick: Ummm… wait!
Jane: Have a good night Dick. It was great meeting you.

Congratulations, not only have you just solidified yourself as his greatest challenge, but  you’ve also walked away from a self-respect threatening situation, negative gossip, and the fear of forgetting to ask about any sexually contracted diseases that he may have.

Well done. Now go get a hobby cat lady, and quit waiting by the phone. Guys don’t like that at all.


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