Toddler Drawings Of “A-hems”

Two years ago, my then 4 year old son, drew pictures quietly next to me during dinner with a friend. I chatted, he drew. Chatted some more, he drew some more.  It was a normal outing for us both.

Weeks later, when pulling out the pad of paper he used as his drawing pad that night, I found myself staring at a gallery of vaginas.

That’s right folks, vaginas. Here are some of my favorites.


*This is a big one. It may be the other end. Or a plate of breakfast.


* This one is very graphic. Liam said it’s a bird.


* Banana? No.. vagina


* This must be the hairy one. It was either that, or a lion.


* Good lord.


Nowaways, Liam spends his time playing Wii, and dreaming of one day becoming a Chef. But during his time of vagina-drawing, I was sure he was destined for a life of gynecology…. or obsure over interpreted art.


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