Worst. Dates. Ever

In my quest for finding meaning behind the ritual of dating, I want to identify a trend in bad dates.

So fess up ladies, I want to hear them all: the worst dates you’ve ever been on.

Did you get thrown up on? Ditched? Left to pay for everything? Whatever your story may be, I want to hear it.

*Mine went a little something like the picture. (You know who you are.)

Leave your stories below – they will be shared and maybe someday, published!


One thought on “Worst. Dates. Ever

  1. I am not a lady but I do have a story to share. I went on a couple of interesting Eharmony dates. The one that stands out in my mind was with a charming first grade teacher. As we talked about our mutual interest the topic turned to food. I explained that I am a pretty adventurous eater, I am always interested in trying something new. I have been to Italy and had some amazing Italian food. I am Japanese so I love sushi, and I live in California which is home to some amazing Mexican food. My date agrees saying that she LOVES Mexican food in fact Chevy’s is her favorite restaurant.

    Wait…you love Mexican food and Chevy’s is your favorite restaurant? Chevy’s is to Mexican food what spaghetti at Denny’s is to Italian food.

    I realize that I may be the asshole in this situation, but that comment grated on me for the rest of the date and contributed to me not initiating a second date.

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