How To “Date” Your Potential Customers With Proper WOM And Social Media Use

It’s no secret that businesses see the value in World Of Mouth (WOM) about their products or services. Problem is, most businesses don’t know how to properly do it.

Brand ambassadors are cute and all, but do businesses really think they’re fooling potential customers by assigning WOM rights to dedicated Tweeters? Nope.

WOM efforts are meant to be organic and prompted by action eliciting response — NOT select messaging. Additionally, social media platforms were built for communicating and listening, and not as more areas for businesses to post more marketing copy.

If the above isn’t making sense, and you’re still wondering why posting “We’re awesome, try us out.” on your Facebook page, isn’t working, here’s my dating example to help explain:

After 3 years, Tara just broke up with Timmy, and Timmy is sad. Like, really sad. As Timmy travels through the steps of grief, he decides he wants to win her back. His solution? Rebound dating (or “pretend” rebound dating), followed by positive posts on Facebook, piquing Tara’s interest in his new life, thus getting her back.

Think it’s going to work? Let’s find out in the following scenarios:

#1: Timmy goes on his rebound date with Sara-Jane (SJ), and shows her a mediocre time, during which SJ decides she doesn’t want to see him again. Timmy doesn’t care. He’s full-filled the first step to his fool proof plan, and can now post the following on his Facebook tomorrow morning:

“Had a great time with Sara-Jane last night. Cannot WAIT to see her again.”

Cute, eh? Psh… not to Tara. She can see right through this (and so can everyone else). After all, she did date Timmy for 3 years. What Tara sees is the messaging of a desperate man, who’s not over her. Tara can resume her spree of haphazard online dating and one night stands, and Timmy will still be there waiting when she’s finished.

Sorry, Timmy. Nice (sappy) guys do finish last. Now see what happens in the next scenario:

#2 Timmy takes SJ out — they have a great time, and decide to see each other again soon. Who knows what could happen? Energy is high, and SJ posts the following on Timmy’s Facebook the next morning:

“Had a AMAZING time last night. Can’t wait to see you again. ;)”

Whoa. Tara is flipping her s**t right now, trying to figure out what Timmy and this girl did last night. Is Timmy over her now? Did she screw up? Oh man, she better call Timmy to make sure he hasn’t forgotten about her.

Nice job, Timmy. Strong action, eliciting proper reaction. Tara is putty in your hands now. You’re ready.

No joke, this same scenario applies to business. Businesses spending all their time scheming up complicated marketing campaigns, are hiding something. Maybe bad content? I’d presume so. Businesses need to start focusing more on content that is strong, confident, and engaging.

They also need to let go of this bargaining notion of control, and let their praise be sung by their fans on ALL social media platforms. Postings like: “Had an amazing experience with ***** today. I never knew it would be so easy!” -or – “What a great product. Can we talk about other areas of expansion?” on social networks will drive those that don’t have the product yet, CRAZY.

I guarantee you that Rick Springfield wanted Jesse’s girl, because Jesse was kicking up all sorts of dust about how awesome she was.

Worried about too much negative feedback? Sounds like a content problem to me. Fix it, and start over. You can’t successfully date, until you are ready. Are you ready?

Closing thought : They always come back if you focus on bettering your business.


One thought on “How To “Date” Your Potential Customers With Proper WOM And Social Media Use

  1. It’s a pretty simple concept, really, and it’s amazing how few people/businesses get it. Anonymous potential customers are obviously going to trust natural responses from actual customers over the word straight from the business’ mouth.

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