5 Horror Anthologies You Should See

It’s no surprise that I love horror stories. I love them even more when they’re interwoven within each other and complete with a climax and twist. Also known as a ‘horror anthology’, this type of story has been with us since the 1900’s [German origin, inspired by Poe], and continues to reinvent itself for each new generation. Below are some personal favorites – add to the list and let’s swap BFF necklaces.

Trick r’ Treat [2007] It’s not about the rules of horror movies – it’s about the rules of Halloween. Trick r’ Treat is a brilliant anthology of intertwined stories designed to give the Halloween ‘rules’ a new dimension.  Note: I predict a pending franchise.

Tales From The Darkside: The Movie [1990] The narrative is weak — it’s also told by a very young Matthew Lawrence trying to distract a witch, played by Deborah Harry, that wants to eat him. If you couldn’t tell already though, the cast will more than make up for it. [Yes, really]

Twilight Zone: The Movie [1983] Told from the perspective of four famous directors – these classic stories of disturbing situations spinning out of control are brought to life again. Note: They’ll be brought to life again soon – the ink just dried on the remake.

Creepshow [1982] A perfect blend of horror and macabre enclosed around phobias, an area that King dabbles in well! Romero, King, and Savini dirtied their hands while making this gem, which grossed four times its production budget. It’s long and you don’t even know it. Note: I also enjoyed its sequel, though definitely in the minority.

Stephen King’s: Cat’s Eye [1985] Another jaunt into King’s obsession with phobias. Note:  It’s narrated by a cat, and billed Drew Barrymore as the star – and it ALL WORKS.


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