P5YCH Heads to Kickstarter to Secure Funding – Make a Donation, Get a Kill Scene!

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We’re always quick to find out what happens to the killer when the movie ends, but have you ever wondered what happens to the
survivor?  Matthew Currie Holmes [Wrong Turn 2 and The Fog] did.

“I was watching Friday the 13th: Part 2, and thought man, she [Ginny] is going to need therapy for the rest of her life,” said Currie Holmes. “Wouldn’t it be interesting if all the survivors from some of our favorite slasher films [A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, and Sleepaway Camp] were all getting therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder?”

Matthew took this thought to writer and friend Tracy Morse [Creature] to further develop the concept. Both are fans of the successful classic horror revival efforts of Adam Green [Hatchet], Joe Lynch [Wrong Turn 2], and Ti West [The Innkeepers].  And both are concerned with the negative impact bad sequels and remakes being made today have on the genre, so they decided to write something that resembled all of the great slasher films they had grown up with.

“We set out to write a really great slasher film because we really love horror movies. And we wanted to pay homage to the type of films that we love.” said Currie Holmes.

Three years later and we have P5YCH, a gory, fast paced, thrilling new chapter in the meta-slasher genre, about five survivors undergoing an experimental treatment allowing them to come face-to-face with their traumatic memories.

Sandy King, Eric Talbert, Debbie Hill, Amanda Collins and Bobby White survived some of the most memorable classic slasher movies to date and have been scarred so badly they now all live at the Milton Armstrong Wellness Center, a hospital specializing in the treatment for PTSD. Mentored by Dr. Rick Gilbert, the five take their therapy and engage in an experimental, psycho-kinetic treatment known as Stage Seven, which puts them face to face with their worst fears: their most suppressed memories. When the memories turn real, and the body count begins to rise, the five must band together to survive… again.

With the screenplay finalized and rumors that some of horror’s best are interested in joining the cast, anticipation is rising for this film.  The P5YCH crew just needs to tie up one thing – pre-production costs – and they need your help.  Matthew and co-Producer Tiffany J. Shuttleworth have enlisted the help of Kickstarter and have started a fundraising campaign to secure the money needed to begin filming.

“There’s a reason we haven’t taken this film to the studios, Currie Holmes said. “As horror fans, we want to make this independently, and for the other horror fans. They are the most loyal in the world!  So we hope they come join us on this journey, we promise we’re going to make them proud.”

So what does a pledge get you, besides a top-notch horror film? Never fear, the P5YCHteam has set out to make any amount worth your while.  Pledges begin at $1 and incentives range from social media mentions, swag, props from the film – to signed original scripts and posters, and so on.

“Our ideal goal would be to get a thousand kick-ass horror fans wearing a thousand kick ass P5YCH shirts,”says Currie Holmes. “This Kickstarter campaign will not only help to fund our development, it will also bring awareness to the project, and that is so valuable! Even if we don’t make our funding goal, it’s the awareness that counts. We want to get people ‘psyched’ [no pun intended] about the project and really standing behind it.”

P5YCH shirt can be yours for a $50 donation towards the project. – You can secure  yours by donating here.

And if you’re feeling really generous, pledge $10,000 and hit the mother-load of all horror movie jackpots with the DELUXE P5YCH EXPERIENCE that generously includes: an Associate Producer credit in the film, a trip to LA with two VIP tickets to the premiere, a KILL SCENE in the movie, and a bunch of other amazing stuff.

“And I will take him/her on a date for the next two weeks,” Morse adds, and that he will only wear a bikini.

The P5YCH team has set a $20,000 goal that needs to be fulfilled by April 26h, 2012. Visit the P5YCH Kickstarter page to learn more about the project, contribute, and help the team pay homage to some of the greatest horror movies of all time!

Donate to the P5YCH Kickstarter Campaign:

View the Extended Trailer:


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