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Review: Some Guy Who Kills People

[Original Post on] You wouldn’t think that a movie with a title like Some Guy Who Kills People would be capable of anything beyond a campy dark comedy with bits and pieces of a good b-rated horror flick, but this film delivers beyond its stereotype with a whole slew of well developed characters and … Continue reading

Review: The Revenant

[Original post on] I don’t know why people say that this literal zombie apocalypse within pop culture is ending, because it’s not. And it never will as long as we keep getting as creative as Kerry Prior did with The Revenant, his horror comedy about a fallen soldier, turned zombie-thing. Bart (David Anders) is … Continue reading

Review: V/H/S

[Original post on] So here it is — this is what happens when you give a couple of horror dudes some iPhones and various other video capturing devices, send them on their way for a few hours and have them return to edit their offerings into a full length film. V/H/S, the latest addition … Continue reading

Review: The Devil’s Carnival

[Original post on] Darren Lynn Bousman [Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV and Repo! The Genetic Opera] is back and billing his latest film adventure, The Devil’s Carnival, as hell in its purest form. Commit a sin and you’re sent to an alternate afterlife resembling a freakish carnival where demons are the carnies and the … Continue reading

Review: Don’t Go In The Woods

*Original post on It was only a matter of time before someone made a horror movie about Conor Oberst and his Mystic Valley Band going into the woods to write an album, and getting stalked and slaughtered by some dude in a mask. In case that didn’t translate, Don’t Go in the Woods is about … Continue reading

Review: Machete Maidens Unleashed

*Original post on Oh man – SO MANY BOOBS – always a good time, even when you already have boobs of your own. You just find yourself comparing yours to all the others. That said and out of the way, I recently learned a lot about some of the coolest movies I never knew existed … Continue reading