Review: Some Guy Who Kills People

[Original Post on] You wouldn’t think that a movie with a title like Some Guy Who Kills People would be capable of anything beyond a campy dark comedy with bits and pieces of a good b-rated horror flick, but this film delivers beyond its stereotype with a whole slew of well developed characters and … Continue reading

WGBH Arts: The Devil’s Carnival Comes to Boston

It’s off to hell we go… Can you imagine a carnival-themed afterlife where sinners are sent to pay for their choices? And in this afterlife, what chance would a conniving kleptomaniac, a gullible girl, and a grief-obsessed father stand against their transgressions? The Devil himself, and his carnie minions, invite you to grab a ticket … Continue reading

Editorial: I Did Comic-Con in 24-Hours

[Original post on] My choice to attend Comic-Con was made just 2 days before the event started. And I’d only have 24-hours to do it all. I accepted the challenge, and was very curious as to just how much horror one can take in under such a short period of time. You’d be surprised, … Continue reading

Review: The Revenant

[Original post on] I don’t know why people say that this literal zombie apocalypse within pop culture is ending, because it’s not. And it never will as long as we keep getting as creative as Kerry Prior did with The Revenant, his horror comedy about a fallen soldier, turned zombie-thing. Bart (David Anders) is … Continue reading